Tips For Scuba Diving In Kaui HI

Scuba Diving In Kauai, HI

If you are someone that absolutely loves scuba diving, you will want to consider visiting Kauai, Hawaii as it offers some of the best waters for it. However, there are important things that you want to keep in mind when you are looking to scuba dive in the area.

Things To Keep In Mind and Tips For Scuba Diving In Kauai, HI:

  1. Native Marine Life.

One of the reasons why this area is such an optimal place to scuba dive has to do with a lot of the marine life being native to the Hawaiian Islands. Because of this, you will be able to experience some of the most unique scuba diving experiences given you couldn’t see a lot of marine life elsewhere. This is the key selling point to Kauai because it is not blessed with the best reefs. Instead, the marine life is what will draw you in.

  1. Access To Niihau.

One of the things that are great about Kauai scuba diving is the ability to access Niihau dive sites very easily. This means that you will be able to check out both without much hassle. This will double the experience that you are able to get out of your diving experience in Hawaii because you are not going to be limited to a single location. Also, Niihau is one of the best places to experience scuba diving because it is one of the last untouched dive spots with unique marine life and incredible reefs.

  1. Weather.

Your diving experience is going to be completed dictated by the weather. You will want to travel during seasons with good weather because in the winter there are high winds and swells that hit the island. Therefore, you will be restricted to certain areas where you can dive if you go during these times.

  1. Best Dives Are Offshore.

Keep in mind, the best dives that you will be able to complete in Kauai are going to be offshore. This means that you should be looking to get a dive boat that you will be able to use. You can get one from a charters company that will allow you to get tanks and a dive boat.

  1. South Shore.

If you head over to the South Shore when you are looking to dive, you will be able to find some of the best marine life that the waters have to offer. You will be able to see the sea turtles which are a sight to behold.

Overall, there is a lot that you want to keep in mind when you are looking to get the most out of your scuba diving experience in Kauai. You want to try to book your trip during the times throughout the year where the weather is calm and pleasant. It would be wise to avoid the winter season because that is when things can get rough. By following some of the tips above, you should be able to get the most out of your entire experience.

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